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01-01-2009 14:04 hour
jennifer ( saint john , canada ) jenniferwhite168 <at> yahoo <dot> ca

We spent new years eve 2008 there with friends. First time going, and already planning on going again. We laughed till we cried! great food, service and whole lotta fun!! highly recommend.

01-01-2009 10:30 hour
Doug Johnston ( Saint John NB , Canada ) forcast <at> nbnet <dot> nb <dot> ca

Great place to spend New Year's Eve...Excellent food and entertainment.

22-12-2008 17:56 hour
Shirley Walsh ( Saint John )

Went Saturday night for my husband's Christmas party and had a blast!!! The service, the food, the atmosphere, the show, everything was AWESOME. It was a great night out and I will certainly recommend for everyone to go. You are all a very talented bunch of characters. Oh yes and koodoos to the chef(s) the salmon was divine !!!!

20-12-2008 14:30 hour
chris parker ( saint john , canada ) chris129 <at> nb <dot> sympatico <dot> ca

what can i say but WOW!!..i went there thinking a stupid opra play and i will fall asleep.mannnnnnnn was i wrong!! i laughed so hard i cryed from start to finish of the show ..wow this people can play and sing too!!! if you have never been to a show its well worth the money !! food is awsome!! this was the best christmas party i was too in tears ...MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR ALL OF US AT KING MAZDA 440 ROTHSAY AVE 634-8370

18-12-2008 14:42 hour
Shelley Nordstrom ( Saint John , Canada ) ssnordstrom <at> rogers <dot> com

I have to say the cast was Amazing and the show Remarkable. And bringing my husband on stage as a fluffer(too funny)
We had a Great time..TY

15-12-2008 14:53 hour
Jody ( Saint John , Canada )

Had a great time Friday night. Everyone at our company party was having a blast. The cast was clearly having fun too!
Can't wait till the next one!
Bang bang!

15-12-2008 12:25 hour
Shelley Clinton ( Saint John , Canada )

The cast was amazing,I couldn’t have said it better “BANG, BANG” lol. This is the best show I have seen at Steamers and they just keep getting better and better every time I go. Just went you think you have seen the best show ever they hit you again with something funnier.
You could not go anywhere for that price and receive great entertainment and the best food in town. The service was just right.
Overall an outstanding night at the Dinner Theater again and the cast is incredible!! Can’t wait to see the summer menu ;)

10-12-2008 08:44 hour
amanda ( saint john )

excellent show.. music needs to be turned down a bit since you cant hear any lyrics but best show ive ever seen.

07-12-2008 09:35 hour
Stephen ( Blackville, NB , Canada ) curtis_janice <at> hotmail <dot> com

Had a excellent time, have recommended the show to family members. Just want to say to the cast members that they all did a wonderful job. Haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Well done! Can't wait until next time.

06-12-2008 15:11 hour
Deryck & Paula ( Harvey , Canada ) breagh <at> nb <dot> sympatico <dot> ca

We were at the Lenron party and had a blast!! I must say I have never laughed so much in one evening as I did there. The food was also something to brag about..absolutely delicious!! I loved it all and can't wait to go again next year!! Merry Christmas to all of you and your families.